Catalase activity in healthy and inflamed pulp tissues of permanent teeth in young people

  • K.M.Ç. Topçu
  • D.Ö. Kırıcı
  • M.S. Evcil
Keywords: Catalase, enzyme, pulp tissues, teeth


Aim: To evaluate catalase (CAT, EC activity in healthy and inflamed dental pulp of young patient’s teeth and to investigate if an active defense system oxidizing agents is present as a response to bacterial invasion.

Materials and Methods: Twenty young patients between 15 and 25 ages, who were diagnosed to be healthy, were the source of the pulp tissue. The situation of the dental pulps was evaluated using clinical and radiographic assessments. The patients were divided two groups from healthy, and inflamed pulp tissues were obtained; each participant provided one pulp tissue specimens. The specimens were collected during endodontic treatment or by longitudinally grooving and splitting the teeth (if extracted). Catalase activity was determined through spectrophotometric methods and an independent sample t‑test assessed the significance of differences between the groups.

Results: There was statistically a difference between healthy pulp tissue and inflamed pulp tissue (P < 0.005, independent sample t‑test). The catalase activity of healthy group was significantly lower than inflamed pulp groups.

Conclusion: The present study has shown that a significant increase in catalase activity is determined in inflamed dental  pulps, which is due to pulpitis in comparison to healthy dental pulp.

Keywords: Catalase, enzyme, pulp tissues, teeth


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eISSN: 1119-3077