Two-piece Mesostructure and Vertically oriented Locking Screws Design for Implant-assisted Prosthesis in the Esthetic Zone

  • M.E. Sayed
  • W.M. Ahmed
  • C.A. Jurado
  • A. Tsujimoto
Keywords: : Dental implant, esthetic zone, fixed partial denture, mesostructure


Restoration of the malaligned dental implants in the esthetic zone is a challenge for dental practitioner because of the difficulty in obtaining balance and harmony between position and color of the final prosthesis and the adjacent teeth. Mesostructure is a part of the prosthesis that located ontop of the dental implant and bearing the final prosthesis. It has a form of milled bar to bear an overdenture or as abutment used for the correction of malaligned dental implants. Such approach maintains screw-retained prosthesis option while allowing complete retrievability, improved accessibility, usage of thicker abutment screws, and acceptable esthetic outcomes. In this case report, a two-piece mesostructure was designed to correct the malposition of dental implants in the esthetic zone with 1-year follow-up system.
Case Report

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eISSN: 1119-3077