Traumatic diseases of parotid gland and sequalae. Review of literature and case reports

  • BO Akinbami


Parotid gland injuries are accompanied by a large number of sequelae. The aim of this paper is to highlight the importance of  thorough management of these parotid gland injuries especially at initial presentation in order to minimize the complications that accompany these injuries.Areview of the aetiology and management of the existing cases of parotid gland injuries obtained from published journals and internet search as well as a report of two casesmanaged in our centre is presented in this paper.Atotal of about 70 cases in the previous literatures were reviewed of which assault was responsible for almost 90% of the cases. Sialoceles and fistulae were the main sequelae of these injuries. More than half of the cases (54%) were managed by conservative methods. Surgical drainage was done in about 44% cases;where the Stenson's ducts were accessible, primary repairwas done. Excision of the gland was done in very few cases. The two cases managed in our centre were due to assault from broken bottles and road traffic accident respectively and both were managed by conservative methods. The first patient was a case of sialocele following the injury, which resolved within 3 weeks after the cyst formation with reduction in food intake, aspirations and external surgical drainage; while the second patient was a case of persistent fistula which healed after about 5 weeks following the trauma. Follow-up of both patients for about 3 months revealed no further leakage or accumulation of saliva. Management of these injuries involves a thorough understanding of the structure and function of the parotid gland and closely related