Illela border market: origin and contributions to trans-border relations between Nigeria and Niger republic

  • Muhammed Sani Dangusau
  • Joseph Inegbenebho Osagie


This article examines the origin and development of Illela Border Market in Sokoto State, Nigeria. The paper shows that attempts by Nigeria to promote social and economic activities with her neighbours encourage the establishment of Border Markets and Illela Border Market is not an exception. The article sheds light on the fundamental factors that led to the establishment of the market. It shows that the existence of the market has not only led to the exchange of mainly agricultural products, but also social interactions between Nigerians and their Nigerien neighbours. The article concludes that if more of such markets are encouraged and regulated along the borders with her neighbouring countries they would promote peaceful and cordial relations between her and her immediate neighbours and thus stem the scourge of smuggling and other trans-border crimes which have negatively affected the Nigerian economy and her international image.


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