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Determination of HIV co-infection in covid-19 patients at community Covid-19 screening sites in Kaduna State, North Western Nigeria

T.O. Ige
A.S. Buru
M.I. Tahir
H. Zubairu
O. Jimoh
G.J. Nmadu
A. Oyefabi
S.O. Ige


Background: Both HIVand SARS COV2 affect everyone regardless of age, sex, race or social status and both can be transmitted via animal reservoirs.  However, the information regarding the co-infection of Covid-19 and HIV in human in Northern Nigeria is scarce. The ongoing collision of these two  global pandemics will continue to need both study and interventions to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 on HIVefforts worldwide.

Methodsology: All persons either symptomatic or asymptomatic who present for Covid-19 screening at the community screening sites during the period  of this survey were included in the study. Atotal of 770 persons participated. Close ended questionnaires were used as the instrument for data collection. 2mls of blood samples was collected for determination of HIV status using the Unigold® rapid diagnostic kits. Dacron tipped swab were used to collect  naso/oropharyngeal specimen for molecular analysis for Covid-19 infection using a real time PCR machine.

Result: 151 out of 770 (19.6%) , participantstested positive for Covid-19, 18 out of 770 participants (2.3%) tested positive for HIV and 3 of 151 Covid -19 positive participants were HIVpositive (2%).

Conclusion: This study adds to the growing literature on the potential impact of HIV on SARS-CoV-2 infection in patients, especially those on antiretroviral
treatment. The severity of infection with Covid in PLWH will need to be further researched.

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print ISSN: 2141-9884