Helminthiasis among School Age Children in Osogbo Municipality, Osun State, Nigeria

  • AO Hassan
  • AOJ Amoo
  • RO Hassan
Keywords: Study, Helminth, Parasites, School, Osogbo. Levamisole


A study of intestinal helminth parasites was carried out in three primary schools in Osogbo metropolis between January 2007 and October 2007, feacal samples from 479 pupils were examined using direct smear and formol ether concentration methods out of these 365 (76.2%) were positive. Five helminthic parasites were identified in the feacal samples; Ascaris lumbricoides (50.70%), hookworm (23.00%), Strongyloides stercoralis (0.85%), Trichuris trichuria (0.42%) and Schistosoma mansoni (1.30%) with mixed infection of Ascaris lumbricoids and hookworm (3.34%), Ascaris lumbricoids and Trichuris trichuria (0.21%) and S. mansoni (0.63%). None of the parasites was sex – dependent since the parasites were found in both sexes and all age groups in varying degrees. The infections were school dependent, public schools have significantly higher prevalence (p<0.05) than the private school studied. After a single dose of Levamisole treatment, (21%) of the subjects with intestinal helminthes voided and submitted A. lumbricoides adult worms. This study shows low standard of sanitation among the pupils.

KEY WORDS: Study, Helminth, Parasites, School, Osogbo. Levamisole.


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