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Extraction of mesioangularly impacted third molar: Dental drill versus crane pick elevator on treatment outcome.

Charles E. Anyanechi


BACKGROUND: The use of dental drill during extraction of impacted mandibular third molars lead to production of aerosol, fear in some patients and this necessitates the need for an alternative instrument.
OBJECTIVE: To compare the treatment outcome in two cohorts of patients after surgical extraction of symptomatic mesio-angularly impacted mandibular third molars.
PATIENTS AND METHODS: Apparently healthy subjects who presented to the oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic of our institution, with an indication for surgical extraction of symptomatic mesio-angularly impacted mandibular third molar were assessed. Those classified as Pell and Gregory class 2 ramus relationship, class A and B depth, with favourable root morphology were uniformly randomized into dental drill and Crane pick elevator groups. Information on demographics, reasons for extraction, trismus, swelling, pain and complaints during follow-up were obtained and statistically analyzed.
RESULTS: Overall 86 subjects, evenly distributed between the two groups were studied. Post-operative mean for trismus, swelling and pain were lower on the 3rd day in those treated with Crane pick elevator than dental drill. However, by the 7th day, the results were the same as the trismus, swelling and pain resolved clinically, without complication.
CONCLUSION: Crane pick dental elevator could serve as a useful substitute to dental drill in the extraction of mild mesioangularly impacted mandibular third molars.

KEYWORDS: Crane pick elevator, dental drill, mesio-angular impaction, osteotomy.

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