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Krintafel<sup>TM</sup> and the Nigerian Niger-Delta Region: the unheard story of the purported wonder drug

Enaohwo Mamerhi Taniyohwo


Background: The July 2018 declaration of discovery of KrintafelTM the first single-dose anti-malarial agent to prevent P. Vivax relapse, was clearly a significant step in pharmaceutical efforts geared towards malaria eradication. How much of the medical dialogue contained in that declaration trickled down to the medical community in the tropical setting of Abraka and its immediate environs, forms the principal focus of the aim and objective of this community-based study.

Methodology: The study evaluated a sample population of 570 adult medical personnel and students by using the methodology of survey questionnaires to assess their respective levels of awareness as regards the declaration and thus, existence of tafenoquine, the pharmacological name applied to KrintafelTM.

Results: Obtained results of this cross-sectional survey showed an absolute zero-level of awareness of KrintafelTM existence and clinical indications. This rather shocking complete lack of knowledge of declaration and existence of the reference anti-malarial preparation is clearly a dire call to pharmaceutical outlets to completely overhaul their public awareness campaign system and strategy in such a way as would reflect and meet the unique communication demographic characteristics and needs of medical recipients practicing and studying in the Nigerian Niger-Delta region, and indeed, all of sub-Saharan Africa.

Keywords: KrintafelTM, Awareness, Abraka, Medical, Personnel, Students

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