Giant gastric bezoar: A case report

  • A.A. Adejumo
  • O.F. Koroye
  • O.J. Ajamu
  • O.A. Adeosun


Background: We report a case of gastric bezoar in a patient with underlying schizophrenia who presented with features mimicking gastric tumour in Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Keffi, Nigeria.
Methods: This is a report of gastric bezoar who posed a diagnostic conundrum to the managing clinicians. Radiological investigation gave a lead point to the diagnosis and intra-operative finding eventually confirmed the diagnosis of gastric bezoar.
Results: A huge gastric bezoar weighing 2,000g was found. This comprised of different components on nonbiodegradable materials.
Conclusion: Diagnosis of gastric bezoar requires a high index of suspicion by the managing physicians especially in mentally unstable patients.

Keywords: Gastric bezoar, Schizophrenia, Diagnosis


eISSN: 1115-2613