Crohn's disease with Pyoderma gangrenosum in a patient in northern Nigeria: A case report

  • M. Manko
  • M.F. Mohammed
  • A.K. Bello
  • P. Egbegbedia
  • S.A. Sambo
  • E. Osanyibofu
  • A. Umar
  • A. Shehu
  • D.E. Suleiman
  • S.K. Mustapha


Background: Crohn's disease is a major form of inflammatory bowel disease that can present with extra-intestinal manifestations. We report a case of Crohn's disease with pyodermagangrenosum in a Nigerian patient. The report is to alert physicians in our setting on the occurrence of this rare presentation.
Case presentation: The patient presented with chronic bloody and mucoiddiarrhoea with associated weight loss and fever of one-year duration. There was also history of mouth rashes, anal pain and itching. One month prior to presentation, he developed leg ulcer. Colonoscopy showed multiple ulcerations with normal intervening mucosa. Colonic mucosal histology showed focal area of ulceration with extensive inflammatory infiltrate in the lamina propia and submucosa. The patient's symptoms improved after the commencement of sulfasalazine.
Conclusion: Crohn's disease should be suspected in a patient with chronic leg ulcer.


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eISSN: 1115-2613