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Genital Mycoplasma Infections Among Women In An Urban Community Of Northern

GT Jombo
MN Enenebeaku


Methods: To determine the incidence of genital Mycoplasma infection among females in Jos. High vaginal swab (HVS) and or Endocervical swab (ECS) samples were obtained from 476 females undergoing vaginal examinations along with other females who
volunteered to enroll in the study. Samples were processed using standard laboratory procedures for the isolation of Mycoplasma species while information such as age, marital status, occupation and other clinical data were obtained using a questionnaire. The results
obtained were analysed using SPSS 11.0 statistical methods and P values = or < 0.05 were considered significant. Results: The overall incidence of genital Mycoplasma
infection was found to be 29.6% (n=141); M. hominis, 12.1% (n=57); U. urealyticum 9.4% (n=45); mixed infection, 6.7% (n=32), and other Mycoplasmas, 1.4% (n=7). Majority of the isolates were from those aged 20-35 years old (most sexually active group); 83% (n=52) of
those who presented with vaginal discharge were infected with Mycoplasma spp. (P< 0.05); also, the incidence of infection among the separated/divorce/widowed group was significantly higher than the married group (P<0.05). Conclusion: Mycoplasmas are common genital organisms, hence should be sought out for from ECS probably on routine basis for suspected genital tract infections.

Keywords: Infection, Mycoplasma, Genital, ECS, Women, Urban

Nigerian Journal of Medicine Vol. 17 (3) 2008: pp. 310-316