Evaluation of the Knowledge of Herb Sellers in the Diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease in Osun and Oyo States, Southwestern Nigeria

  • A Oyekunle
  • A Soriyan
  • JM Agbedahunsi
Keywords: Diagnosis, Sickle Cell Disorder, Herb Sellers


Despite an increased interest in knowledge elicitation in various fields, there is still very little formal evidence in the area of herbal medicine documentation. This paper examined the manner in which sickle cell disease is diagnosed among herb sellers in Osun and Oyo states of Nigeria. Interview method was employed using questionnaires. A total of 90 herb sellers were interviewed at various markets. Sixty herb sellers were interviewed using closed ended questionnaire while the remaining 30 were interviewed using open ended questionnaire. A spreadsheet package was employed for the data analysis. Analysis of responses from these herb sellers revealed that the most important symptoms of sickle cell disease includes pain, reduced stamina, anemia, stunted growth, jaundice and increase in abdominal girth. Other symptoms include fainting, priapism, stroke, leg ulcer, weak hair, thin bones, loss of appetite, head bigger than body size, face looks older than age, swelling of hands/feet, black vein, hypertension, drum shaped fingers and fever. This survey showed clearly that the herbal sellers have a vast knowledge of the diagnosis of sickle cell disease which were acquired over time.

Keywords: Diagnosis, Sickle Cell Disorder, Herb Sellers


eISSN: 1118-6267