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Correlation between tumor markers in pre and post treatment of pancreatic cancer patients

N. Sivakumar
R. Arivazhagan
B. Prabasheela


One of the main causes of death in India is pancreas cancer. Various blood tumour indicators such as 19-9 carbohydrate antigen (CA19-9), antigen125 carbohydrate (CA125), antigen carcinoembryogenic (CEA) and alphaetoprotein (AFP) imbalance are observed in therapy for cancer. In disease predictions, thorough monitoring of the change in serum tumour markers was highly essential. The present investigation was thus conducted to examine serum marker tumour profiles before and after therapy of individuals with pancreatic cancer. The study comprised 400 individuals from both sexes suffering from pancreatic carcinogenic malignancy. In the pre and post-treatment of patients we detected serum tumour markers. In post-treatment groups, serum tumour marker levels were lower than before the individuals were treated. However, using pairs of samples t-testing at pfleg.0.05 these changes were statistically significant. Marker alterations in the serum tumour have shown risk for individuals. These alterations therefore enable the cancer individuals to predict and monitor properly.