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Flavonoids from Afrofittonia silvestris and Dacryodes edulis

K Ajibesin, EE Essien, SA Adesanya


A new flavonoid glycoside, kaempferol-5,4’-dimethoxy–3,7–O–α–L–dirhamnoside, as well as a known glycoside, kaempferide 3–O–β–glucoside, were identified from the leaves of Afrofittonia silvestris. Other known compounds, ethylgallate and quercitrin, were isolated from the leaves of Dacryodes edulis. These compounds are reported for the first time in the two plants. The structures of the compounds were determined by spectroscopic methods.

Keywords: Acanthaceae, Afrofittonia silvestris, Burseraceae, Dacryodes edulis; flavonol glycosides, kaempferol 5,4’ -dimethoxy–3,7–O–α–L–dirhamnoside
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