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Screening of the leaves of cestrum nocturnum for its antipyretic,

M Avijit
A Bhatt
VA Bonde
A Shaikh
M Rupa


The study evaluates the anti-pyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic potentiality of the methanol extract of the leaves of Cestrum nocturnum and to provide scientific justification for its traditional uses. Anti-pyretic activity was carried out on Brewer’s yeast induced rat model, anti-inflammatory activity was carried out using carrageenin induced paw edema in rats whereas the analgesic activity was carried out using hot plate method and acetic acid induced method on mice. The results indicate that the extract posses strong dose dependant analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity compared to standard drug. It was also found to produce mild anti-pyretic activity only at higher tested dose.

Keywords: Cestrum nocturnum, leaves, anti-pyretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic