Proximate Composition, Physical and Sensory Properties of Non-Wheat Cakes from Acha and Bambara Nut Flour Blends

  • CE Chinma
  • JO Abu
  • OP Adani
Keywords: Acha, Bambaranut, chemical, physical and sensory properties


Objective: The objective of the study was to investigate the possibility of preparing non-wheat cakes using acha and Bambara nut flour blends and generate base line data on the chemical, physical and sensory properties of the cakes. Materials and methods: Acha grains and Bambara nut seeds were processed into flour and formulated into different proportions (100: 0; 0:100; 95: 5; 90: 10; 85: 15; 80:20; 75:25; 70:30; 65:35 and 60: 40% of acha and Bambara nut respectively) . The chemical composition of the flours and cakes prepared from the flour blends as well as physical and sensory properties of the cakes were evaluated using standard methods. Results: The acha-Bambara nut cakes had significantly (p≤0.05) higher protein (19.21 to 31.13%), fat (3.14 to 12.56%), ash (1.39 to 4.90%), crude fiber (1.03 to 5.83%) contents than 100% wheat cake while carbohydrate content decreased (from 63.69 to 25.71%). There were no significant (p≥0.05) differences in crust colour, crumb colour, crumb grain, texture, aroma and overall acceptability of cake samples between 100% wheat flour cake and composite cakes up to 75:25 (acha: Bambaranut) ratio. There was no significant difference (p≥0.05) in batter density and cake weight between composite blends and 100% wheat cake while cake volume and volume index differed significantly (p≤0.05). Conclusion: This study reveals that acha and Bambara nut flour could be used in the production of non-wheat cake up to 75:25 (acha: Bambara nut) ratio. The acha-Bambaranut cake had higher protein, ash, crude fiber, energy values and low carbohydrate contents than 100% wheat flour cake. The formulated cakes could serve as a functional food for groups with special caloric and glycemic requirements such as obese or diabetic people considering the low carbohydrate contents of the cakes which is an indication of low starch digestibility of the cakes. Keywords: Acha, Bambaranut, chemical, physical and sensory properties

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eISSN: 0189-0913
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