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Effects of Carrot Pomace on the Chemical and Sensory Attributes of Ogi, a Nigerian Fermented Food

AA Adeola, MA Ogunjemilusi, CT Akanbi


Objective: This study investigated the effect of carrot pomace on the nutritional and sensory attributes of Nigerian fermented cereal product- ogi.
Materials and Methods: White variety of maize grains were cleaned and sorted, steeped, ground, wet sieved and dried to obtain ogi flour. Carrot pomace flour was obtained by blanching, milling and drying cleaned and defect-free carrots. Ogi and carrot pomace flours were blended in the ratios 100:0; 0:100; 90:10; 80:20; 70:30; 50:50. The proximate, carotenoid and mineral compositions of the blends were assessed using standard analytical methods. A 20-member panel, who are regular consumers of ogi gruel, assessed the sensory qualities (colour, taste, smoothness, aroma and overall acceptability) of the products using Hedonic and Multiple comparison tests. Data were analysed using analysis of variance, Duncan’s multiple range test and Least Significant Difference.
Results: The moisture contents of the ogi-carrot pomace flour blends ranged between 8.9 and 9.23 %. The protein and fat contents of the blends decreased with increase in carrot pomace. Inclusion of carrot pomace in ogi significantly (p≤0.05) improved the crude fibre, carotenoids and mineral contents of ogi. Except for smoothness, the inclusion of carrot pomace in ogi improved the colour, taste, aroma and overall acceptability of ogi gruel. No significant difference (p≤0.05) occurred in the smoothness of ogi gruel prepared from ogi-carrot pomace blends of 100:0 and 90:10. Blending of ogi with 10 % carrot pomace was most acceptable.
Conclusion: The use of carrot pomace in product development should be encouraged, as this is expected to help in alleviating the problem of micronutrient malnutrition and reduce the environmental menace often associated with the disposal of carrot pomace. However, there is need to determine the microbiological status of the flour blends.

Keywords: carrot, ogi, proximate composition, pomace, sensory attributes

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