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Are there Correleations among histologic radiologic and cytopathologic findings in non-allergic Chronic rinosinusitis without nasal polyposis

A Kutluhan
Z Kaya
V Yurttas
M Kosem
M E Sakarya
I Ibiloglu


Purpose: To investigate any correlations among cytopathologic, radiologic, and historic findings in non-allergic chronic rhinosinusitis without nasal polyposis.
Materials and Methods: This prospective study was done on 40 adult patients who had undergone functional endoscopic sinus surgery due to chronic rhinosinusitis. Symptom, nasal smear, paranasal computed tomography, as well as histopathologic findings of uncinate process, anterior ethmoid cells, and ethmoidal infundibulum were scored. Correlations were analysed among symptom, radiologic, and cytopathologic scores.
Results: While the symptom scores of patients with chronic rhinosinusitis were positively correlated with only nasal smear scores, it was not correlated with computed tomography and histopathologic scores. On the other hand, radiologic scores were correlated with tissue eosinophils scores of uncinate process, anterior ethmoidal cells, and ethmoidal infundibulum
Conclusions: The correlation of symptom score to nasal smear score in chronic sinusitis may be an evidence for the positive relationship symptoms and acute inflammation. The correlation of radiologic score to eosinophilia scores of uncinate process, anterior ethmoidal cells, and infundibulum may signify the importance of tissue eosinophils in chronic sinusitis.

Keywords: Rhinosinusitits, nasal polyposis, non-allergic rhinosinusitis.

Nigerian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology Vol. 3 (2) 2006: pp. 45-53
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