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The Financial Implication of Treating Motorcycle Limb Trauma in a Developing Country - The Patient's Perspective

KS Oluwadiya
LM Oginni
AA Olasinde
IO Oluwadiya
OA Olakulehin


Background: The total cost of care of injuries is usually much more than the cost of hospitalization. This study was designed to determine the total cost to the patient, of limb injuries sustained from motorcycle crashes.
Method: The study design was based on the cost-of illness method. Only patients who were employed and could estimate their daily income; and who completed their course of treatment, and were followed up for two years were included in the study. Results: 60 patients satisfied the criteria for inclusion. The total cost of treatment ranged from N4,715.00 to N141,655.00 with a mean of N37,615.15 ± N30,908.00 SD. It represented between 4.09% and 310.48% of patients' annual income. The medical cost
was 48.4% of the total while the balance was made of lost productivity (39.0%) and cost of vehicle repair/replacement (12.6%). Lower limb injuries were significantly more expensive to treat than upper limb injuries.
Conclusion: The cost of treating injuries from trauma remains a large burden to patients especially in a country where health insurance coverage is poor.

Key words: Cost analysis, motorcycle, trauma, injury, limb.

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eISSN: 1596-4582