A new method of stabilizing zygomatic complex and arch fractures. a case report

  • BO Akinbami


Background: Antral packing cannot support fractures of the zygomatic arch properly because of the position, therefore the aim of this report was to document a new method by which both the zygomatic bone and arch can be stabilized. Method and Materials: Iodine soaked gauze was placed in the subzygomatic space beneath the arch, via an intra-oral lateral coronoid incision. This was used for stabilizing the bone and the arch after reduction. Results: The pack was removed after one week and was not replaced due to satisfactory stability and support achieved. Application of honey also helped in the healing and smoothening of the face. Conclusion: subzygomatic space packing is a new and reliable method of stabilizing zygomatic bone and arch fractures. The subzygomatic space packing offered an additional advantage compared to antral pack because it also contributed to the support of zygomatico-maxillary suture fracture anteriorly obviating the need of invading the maxillary antrum.

Keywords: Subzygomatic space, packing, stable zygomatic fractures


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eISSN: 1596-4582