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The effects of ammonium metavanadate on biochemical hormonal, haematological and histopathological parameters of the female wistar rats

A.W Obianime
M Gogo-Abite
I.I Roberts


The effects of different doses of Ammonium metavanadate on the biochemical, haematological, hormonal and histopathological parameters of stilbesterol treated female Wistar rats were investigated. Ammonium metavanadate in the dose- range 0-6mg/kg caused a bi-phasic and time-dependent response on the acid (total and prostate) phosphatase.. Furthermore ammonium metavanadate caused a dose-dependent inhibition of the serum alkaline phosphatases. The maximal inhibitory response at 5mg/kg of ammonium metavanadate was 40.0 ± 1.69 compared to 65.0 ± 0.94 control values. Ammonium metavanadate also caused a positively correlated biphasic response in the serum female hormonal concentrations with an initial increase, followed by a time-dependent decrease in the serum values of luteinizing (LH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), prolactin . Furthermore ammonium metavanadate also caused time- and dose- dependent effects on the haematological parameters. The effects were biphasic-increase within 72 hours and a reduction in the values of haemoglobin and packed cell volume within 7-28 days. The white blood count and lymphocyte counts were also reduced significantly at P £ 0.05. However the neutrophil counts were increased dose- and time-dependently. Finally, ammonium metavanadate caused a dose-dependent destruction of the liver and female reproductive organs namely the uterus, ovary and fallopian tubes. These were characterized by necrosis, oedema, eosinophilic deposits and vacuolation. These results may be explained by the oxidative effects caused by the free oxygen (O2) radical generated by the metavanadate ions.

Key words: vanadium, female hormones, blood count, histology, uterus

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