Diprosopus (double mouth) in a Nigerian child: Case report and literature review

  • A Ibrahim
  • PM Mshelbwala
  • SO Ajike
  • ME Asuku
  • EA Ameh


Background: Anterior craniofacial duplication (diprosopus) is an extremely rare form of conjoined twin that presents with facial malformations. Diprosopus is characterized by varying degrees of duplication of the nose, eyes, ears and mouth.
Patient and Method: We report a case of double mouth in a male infant. The face had a midline raphe 5cm in width with a globular soft tissue swelling at the apex. The oral cavity was divided into two unequal parts by a bony septum extending from the hard palate to the floor of the mouth. Both mandible and tongue were bifid. A literature search was carried out.
Conclusion: The embryology, classification and indeed treatment remain a matter of speculation. To our knowledge there have been less than 150 reports of diprosopus in the world medical literature.

Keywords: craniofacial duplication, diprosopus, embryology, face, mouth


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eISSN: 0794-9316