Effects of organic manure on soil chemical properties and yield of ginger - research note

  • SA Ayuba University of Agriculture, Makurdi
  • C John University of Agriculture, Makurdi
  • MO Obasi University of Agriculture, Makurdi


The experiment was conducted during the 1999 cropping season at University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Nigeria to determine the effects of organic manure on the yield components of ginger. There were five treatments, namely, two levels of cow dung (15t and 30t ha-1) and two levels of Poultry litter (10t and 20t ha-1). Organic manure gave significant higher rhizome yield of between 114.3 and 250.6% relative to the control. Highest yield of 11.42t ha-1 was obtained from plots treated with 30t ha-1 cow dung and 10t ha-1 poultry litter. The cow dung and poultry litter rates increased the soil pH, O. M., N, available P, exchangeable K, Ca and Mg relative to control.

Nigerian Journal of Soil Science Vol. 15 2005: 136-138

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