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Dynamic Analysis of Series-Connected and Mechanically-Coupled Twin Synchronous Motor Drive

I.K. Onwuka
G.C. Diyoke
E.S. Obe


Series-connection of the stator windings of electric motors could serve a number of purposes, including load balancing between two synchronous motors. This paper modeled and analyzed a drive system of two separate three-phase synchronous motors whose stator windings are series- connected by a unique stator winding scheme, and whose shafts are mechanically coupled to a common load shaft through a speed reduction gear driven through the pinions of the respective motors. The mathematical model is developed in detail, and the system is simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK. It is observed that for the case of a balanced load on the respective shafts of the two motors, the dynamic behavior of the two motors are identical. It is further observed that with the particular stator winding arrangement giving rise to six-windings per motor unit, each motor is essentially a three-phase motor and may be operated direct on line (DOL).

Keywords: Common load shaft; DOL; series-connected stator windings; synchronous motors, six-winding machine

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