Impact of Magnetically Treated Water on Compressive and Flexural Strength of Concrete

  • K.O. Yusuf
  • T.D. Akpenpuun
  • S.O. David
  • C.H. Oluwayemi


This study was conducted to determine the effect of Magnetically Treated Water (MTW) on compressive, flexural and impact  strengths of concrete. The compressive strength, flexural and impact test were determined using 100 mm cube, 100x100x500 mm, 100mm diameter and 64 mm high, respectively. MTW was produced by passing water through magnetic flux densities: 400(T1), 600(T2), 800(T3) and 997G(T4) as the treatments while Non-MTW (NMTW, T0 as control). The ratio of cement, fine aggregate and coarse aggregate was 1:2:4 and curing duration for the concretes were 7, 14, 21 and 28 days. Universal Testing Machine was used to determine the compressive and flexural strengths while drop weighing impact tester was used for determining the impact strength of the concrete. The mean forces at peak to break the concrete cured for 28 days for T0, T1, T2, T3 and T4 were 106.79, 121.25, 114.15, 107.06 and 196.68 kN, while the compressive strengths were 10.68, 12.13, 11.42, 10.71 and 19.67 Nmm-2, respectively. The maximum compressive, flexural and impact strengths of the concrete were 84.17, 22.37 and 96.93%, respectively. The effect of MTW was statistically significant on compressive, flexural and impact strengths and is recommended for use.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2437-2110
print ISSN: 0189-9546