Appraisal of systematic training practices by building construction firms in Nigeria

  • C Ayegba
  • WE Dzasu
Keywords: Systematic training, practice, productivity.


The study investigated the frequency of training programmes, organizations that meet firms training needs, funds reimbursement by the Industrial  Training Fund (ITF) to firms for training, the constraints and strategies that could be adopted to enhance the practice of systematic training by  construction firms in the development of their workers. It was observed that 89.65% and 91.38% of the respondents agree that management and  technical staff training is only embarked on when needed: that ITF provides  24.49% of the firms training needs for operatives/semi skilled workers. Also, lack of funds and training/staff development policies which had combined  mean of 4.2 respectively was identified as a factors militating against the  practice of systematic training of building construction workers. This study  shows that systematic training of building construction workers serves a means of maintaining standards and ensuring that those who are newly engaged into existing jobs and practices are able to adapt quickly.

Key words: Systematic training, practice, productivity.


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print ISSN: 0795-5111