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Information Technology (IT) and applied domain education in West Bengal: With special reference to Information Education

KP Prantosh


Information Technology (IT) is one of the important name in today’s world. Information Technology (IT) is important factor for buzzword, education, societal application and development, mass communication, politics,  hospitality, health. Information Technology (IT) is an interdisciplinary  domain which is mainly combination of computing technology, database technology, multimedia technology, barcode technology, RFID Technology and Management. Information Technology (IT) as a field gain popularity recent year, after computer science and technology, electronics and  communication engineering and so on. Apart from these two Information Science, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Network Engineering considered as related domain. IT as an educational programme is  available around the world in several degree and nomenclature. India is the largest stakeholder of educational industry, each and every state, offered several IT programme. In West Bengal also, Information  Technology (IT) programme is available in colleges, universities and engineering, technical training institute. Paper illustrated Information Technology (IT) education and various facet in relation to West Bengal.

Keywords: Information Technology (IT), Information Science, Computer Science, Information Education, West Bengal, India, Colleges, Universities, IT Universities, Engineering Colleges
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