Analysis of dried fish marketing in Kwara State, Nigeria.

  • AEA Fadipe
  • A Falola
  • OM Onipe
Keywords: Dried fish, marketing, profitability analysis, marketing channel.


This study was carried out to examine marketing of dried fish in Kwara State, Nigeria. The study used a combination of information discussions and questionnaires to collect data from 70 dried fish marketers in 2012. Data collected were analyzed with descriptive statistics, gross margin analysis and Gini coefficient analysis. The study revealed that dried fish marketing was dominated by active literate population that were most females and majority of the marketers finance their business through personal savings. Dried fish marketing channel in the study area was both centralized and decentralized. The profitability analysis suggests that dried fish marketing is a profitable venture in the study area. However, the marketing system was not efficient, indicating that the necessary marketing functions were not properly performed. Therefore, Government policies should be directed towards reducing labour cost, transportation charges, fish lost as waste and provision of credit by banks for the traders to expand their business.

Key words: Dried fish, marketing, profitability analysis, marketing channel.


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