Factors affecting the choice of cropping systems in Kebbi State, Nigeria.

  • AJ Jirgi
  • MF Viljoen


The study examined the factors that influence choice of cropping systems in Kebbi State Nigeria. The technique applied in the study was Logit regression. Data to conduct the research was obtained mainly from primary sources through a questionnaire survey of 256 farmers, comprising 98 monocroppers and 158 intercroppers. Four variables (farming experience, asset value, risk aversion and land degradation) out of the five variables considered in this study were significant in influencing the probability of farmers practicing intercropping (reference group). It is evident that asset value, land degradation, risk are among factors which will influence farmers in the choice of mono or intercropping system.

Key words: Cropping systems, monocropping, intercropping, Logit regression


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print ISSN: 0795-5111