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Problems of academic manuscript publishing in developing countries

Kenneth U. Nmadi


Getting published is obligatory in the academic profession. It earns respect and furnishes the basis for vertical advancement and career progression, among others. Without publishing, research outcomes will suffer undue circumscription and be of very restricted relevance. But, getting published can be hampered by a variety of limiting conditions. The paper commenced with a scheme of conceptualisations and proceeded to conduct a diagnosis of the more virulent problems of academic manuscript publishing in developing countries. The methodology adopted was to survey extant literature and juxtapose same with actual editorial experience in Nigeria traversing many years. This gave rise to a threefold taxonomy of publishing obstacles – discursive, non-discursive, and environmental. Itemisation and elucidation was then undertaken in each classification, sequel to which the presentation concluded with a panacean section.

Keywords: Manuscript, publishing, discursive, non-discursive

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print ISSN: 0795-5111