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Short Communication: Electrical energy saving through lamps replacement and component incompatibility on lighting system economics.

WP Akanmu


Modern Buildings of all types relies heavily on the use of electrical energy. This energy has to be properly utilized in order to avoid many problems both to the electric utilities supply companies and also to the consumer. This paper presents energy saving through replacement process of conventional electric lamps known as relighting, and the incompatibility in using different components in a single lighting system. Electricity bills savings of up to 37% - 60% were achieved with no reduction in lighting levels. Despite the cost involved in relighting and by avoiding incompatibility in using different components the payback periods were noted to be about 10 months, and ROI of about 124%, justifying the need for relighting process to be carried out and avoiding the use of different components in most Nigerian buildings.

Key Words: components incompatibility, energy saving, lamps replacement, Luminaires, modernisation, payback period, relighting.

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print ISSN: 0795-5111