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Preparation and characterization of active carbon using palm kernel shells for industrial effluent purification

JO Okafor, PE Dim


Activated carbons were prepared from Palm kernel shells. Carbonization temperature was 6000C, at a residence time of 5 min for each process. Chemical activation was done by heating a mixture of carbonized material and the activating agents at a temperature of 700C to form a paste, followed by subsequent cooling and using the active carbon to purify effluents from a Bottling Company. NaCl, KOH, H2SO4 and H3PO4 were used as the activating agents at 1M and 2M and 710 μm particle size. The activated carbon samples produced were found to posses properties within the limits of commercial activated carbons. Bottlimg company effluent was purified and the results showed that carbonized materials activated with 2M H2SO4 had the best adsorption characteristics. These properties include 1.12% moisture content, 2.50 % ash content, 57.00 % yield of activated carbon, 93.65 % fixed carbon, 2.73 % volatile content, 0.97 g/cm3 bulk density and 0.69 cm3 pore volume.

Keywords: Active carbon, Palm kernel shell, Effluent, Purification

Nigerian Journal of Technological Research
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