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Determination of saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity using diviner 2000 capacitance probe

AN Baba-Kutigi, LA Dim, AC Odunze, IM Umar


The estimation of hydraulic conductivity indicates how fluids flow through a substance and thus determine the water balance in the soil profile. In determining the saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of soil, five plots of 5.0 x 4.0 m were prepared with a PVC access tube installed in each plot. The plots were ponded profusely and surface covered with grass to prevent water loss by evaporation or water input by rain. The readings were taken twice daily for over a period of 5 days using capacitance probe with trade name Diviner 2000. The Diviner 2000 uses the method that utilizes the high dielectric constant of water compare to soil and air to determine water content of the soil. The trend lines of hydraulic conductivity has its linear regression r = 0.8296 - 0.9273 and its saturated hydraulic conductivity in the range of 5.09 cmh-1 – 14.03cmh-1 and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity in the range of 0.700 cmh-1 – 0.785 cmh-1. This reveals that soil water content can be obtained reasonably well from a capacitance probe which will allow for a determination of the pattern and use of the referred soil.
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