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Osteomyelits of the pubic bone with vesicocutaneous — vesicovaginal fistula: A delayed complication of post-cervical cancer radiotherapy

A A Salunke, G I Nambi, A Manoharan


Vagino-vesico-cutaneous fistula is a rare condition characterised by continuous dribbling of urine and secondary infection of the involved areas with poor self-esteem. Osteomyelitis is delayed complication of radiotherapy treatment for cervical cancer. Treatment of these conditions is a challenging entity especially after previous surgery and irradiation. We present a case of vesicocutaneous — vesico vaginal fistula with osteomyelits of the right pubic bone which was a late complication of post-cervical cancer radiotherapy.

Keywords: Anterolateral thigh flap, cervical cancer, Osteomyelitis, Pubic bone, Vesicovaginal fistula
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