Morphological Pattern of Testicular Biopsies in Zaria, Nigeria

  • SA Ahmed
  • A Mohammed
  • SM Shehu
  • MOA Samaila
  • NH Mbibu
  • MM Dauda
  • AA Liman
  • K Abdullahi
  • GD Waziri
  • AU Bappa


Background: Infertility is an established social problem in Nigeria where women have always been blamed for by the society. This serious issue necessitated this review of morphologic patterns of testicular biopsies. Method: This study was a five-year retrospective histopathological analysis of testicular biopsies sent for histopathological examination at the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Zaria - Nigeria (1st January 2001 to 31st December 2005). The slides were reviewed, relevant information were retrieved from histology bench books and request cards. Result: Testicular biopsies of eighty eight infertile men were examined and most biopsies were from the 35 – 39 years age group in 65.9% of cases. Hypospermatogenesis accounted for 68.2% of patients, while 11.4% had normal morphology. Granulomatous and non-specific orchitis were not uncommon. Conclusion: This study has highlighted the role of testicular biopsy in male infertility and majority of the selected cases show some pathological changes. Control of sexually transmitted diseases will reduce the burden of male infertility.

Keywords: Testicular biopsy, infertility, Zaria.

Nigerian Medical Journal Vol. 48 (3) 2007: pp. 69-70

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eISSN: 2229-774X
print ISSN: 0300-1652