Pattern of Periodontal Treatments Performed at the Periodontology Clinic of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital: 22 Months Review.

  • KA Umeizudike
  • PO Ayanbadejo
  • KO Savage
  • OA Talwo
Keywords: Pattern, Periodontal treatments, Non-surgical.


Background: A critical evaluation of the pattern of periodontal procedures performed is important in providing useful data to the administrator for proper planning and budgeting for dental health service.
Objective: To assess the pattern of periodontal treatments performed over a given period of time at the Periodontology clinic of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria.
Methods: This was a twenty two months retrospective study of all periodontal procedures performed on patients seen at the periodontology clinic of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital between January 2006 and October 2007. The periodontology treatment record was used to retrieve information which included the patient's age, gender, diagnosis and periodontal procedures given. The procedures were further categorized into surgical and nonsurgical groups. The information obtained was then analyzed using Epi Info 2007 statistical software.
Results: A total of 1,938 patients were seen during this period. Females were 1009 (52.1%) and males were 929 (47.9%). (F/M, 1.1:1). A total of 2,110 periodontal treatments were performed. Majority of the patients received non-surgical periodontal therapy which constituted the bulk (96.3%) of the therapies. Scaling and polishing was the most frequently performed non-surgical procedure accounting for 1261 (62.1%) with slightly more males receiving the treatment. Of the surgical treatment modalities, operculectomy accounted for 65.4% and was carried out on more females than males. Regenerative procedures were the least performed surgical treatments.
Conclusion: This study highlighted that non-surgical periodontal therapy, particularly scaling and polishing was the most frequently utilized periodontal procedure. Operculectomy was the predominant surgical procedure performed. The low percentage of regenerative surgical procedures was however below the desired expectation.

Keywords: Pattern, Periodontal treatments, Non-surgical.


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