Parental determinants of offspring head circumference using a sample of patients attending a government hospital in Lagos, Nigeria

  • IA Taiwo
  • A Adeleye
Keywords: Head Circumference, anthropometric parameters, multivariate analysis, parental determinants.


Background: Head circumference at birth is an important neonatal parameter in view of its association with perinatal and postnatal morbidity and mortality. It is an indicator of brain volume and a tool for assessing the development of the central nervous system. Being a complex  hereditary trait, predicting baby's head circumference from parental anthropometrics could complement the already existing ultrasonographic method of prediction.

Objective: To identify the parental anthropometric determinants of baby's head circumference in Lagos, Nigeria, using a sample of patients attending a government hospital.

Methods: Parental anthropometric parameters were obtained from 250 couples. The baby's head circumference was measured immediately after birth. The data were subjected to multivariate analysis.

Results: The parental variables that were most predictive of babies' head circumference were mid-parental weight, maternal height, maternal weight gain during pregnancy and maternal age.

Conclusion: Assessment of these parental attributes can complement ultrasonographic data in predicting baby's head circumference for better perinatal outcome.

Key words: Head Circumference; anthropometric
parameters; multivariate analysis; parental determinants.


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eISSN: 0189-2657