Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine

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A Case Report of Compound Odontome Associated with an Unerupted Maxillary Central Incisor

EO Ajayi, Y O Ajayi


A tooth is considered to be unerupted when a tooth that has developed and should have erupted considering the subject's normal dental development, age, gender and race failed to emerge into the oral cavity and occupy its final position to facilitate normal occlusion. The cause of noneruption could be due to impaction of the involved tooth as observed in this report and surgical and or orthodontic intervention might be required to manage this anomaly. The eruption of full complement of teeth is essential for pleasing dental aesthetics and balance facial harmony. As such, a report of an interesting case of radiological and histologically confirmed compound odontome obstructing path of eruption of central incisor in an 8-year-old boy was presented.

Keywords: unerupted tooth, impacted tooth, compounds odontome

NQJHM Vol. 16 (4) 2006: pp. 128-131
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