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Relevance of Media rental services in quality education of the Nigerian school child

Nancy Achebe


In the library and information sector, there are two methods of service delivery namely the free service and fee-based service. Any of these two methods could be operated by either the public or private sector. Media rental services promote information and national development. It is a veritable means of 'providing quality education to the Nigerian school child The media rental is also a place where the library and information professionals carry out private practice for skill update andfinancial reward Just as the teachers in schools engage in private practice, the school teacher librarian or media specialist can also engage inprivate practice as desired The following issues are discussed in this paper, Quality education and MDGS, media rental centres as educational centres, concepts of media rental libraries and relevance to quality education of the Nigerian school child both at jubilee year and beyond, types and their services, basic infrastructure for setting up media rentals and feasibility study.
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