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Covid-19 lockdown and media portrayal of sexual violence against minors in Nigeria

Agatha Njideka Nwanya


Sexual violation of minors has become a global endemic problem. Whether in the families, social centres, schools, market places, churches or mosques,  sexual violence against minors continues unabated. Covid-19 pandemic and its accompanying lockdown seemed to have escalated the problem. The  manner in which Nigerian media (especially the newspapers) reported sexual violence against minors during Covid-19 lockdown necessitated public  outcry among wellmeaning Nigerians. Using Social Responsibility Theory (SRT), this paper argues that media reportage of such crime is poor and was  done merely to increase tension and suspicion in the society; for beyond this cosmetic approach to the issue, nothing has been heard afterwards. The  paper relies on review of relevant literature, some captions on sexual exploitation of minors in selected Nigerian newspapers and internet sources.  Quantitative research methodology and content analysis of three newspapers; Punch, Vanguard and This Day was adopted in the study. It concludes that  the press has abandoned its social responsibility to the public by its inability to pursue such cases to a logical conclusion; a disservice to the nation and  humanity at large. 

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