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Interrogating the significance of the emerging ‘drive-in theatre’ practice in pandemic era: An NCAC experience in Nigeria

Ifeyinwa Uzondu


The overwhelming trajectory of Covid-19 upsurge has wreaked havoc on the existence of man. Several public and private institutions were practically shut  down, as normal day to day activities were extremely threatened by the spread of the disease. This panic attracted both scientific and unscientific  attention; on how to change this narrative. While so many individuals and institutions were struggling with the realities of adopting and adapting to the  new normal way of survival, some theatre practitioners succeeded in carving a niche for the continuation and sustenance of theatrical performance by  the introduction of Drive-in Theatre. This paper interrogates the responses and significance of this emerging theatre culture to Nigerians and seeks  possible means of retaining this practice in the event of possible re-occurrence of the pandemic or its adoption as a new dimension in theatre practice.  Findings have shown that before the advent of the disease, Drive-in Theatre’s were relatively rare, with limited performance spaces globally, thereby  depriving many theatre patrons the opportunity of being part of this innovative art; which is both educative and therapeutic. It is based on this fact and  many more that this study advocates for the government’s intervention in creating more open stage performance spaces. And also ensure that strategies  are available for its continuation in Nigeria. 

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