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Challenges of programme content for digital broadcast: Taraba state television in perspective

Kyantirimam Riken Ukwen


Television production is a dynamic art in the electronic media and it is central to contemporary entertainment and social trend in Nigeria. Television  audiences consciously dissect professionalism from mediocrity and make choices of stations and programmes based on such indices. The exigency of  switch over to digital platform by television stations across Nigeria is rife but how prepared are they? The quality of programmes is determined by the  finances available for production and this is the bane of many producers who lack sponsorship by multinational organizations. The quality of programme  content determines viewership and ultimately affects the revenue base of the organisations. Using Taraba State Television (TV Taraba) as a sample of a  public television station and a case study, the research employed observation and oral interviews with programme producers, television station  management and sections of television audiences to sample opinions on the subject for analysis. The paper concludes that the current economic  recession experienced by such organizations can better be managed when critical decisions are made to solve the needs of equipment, staff welfare and  training with an eye for future gains of the television entertainment business. 

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