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Subverting economic recession in Nigeria through sterling design in theatre practice: The vendor, Aksu 2017 command performance in focus

Okon Udofot Jacob
Margaret G.


From its inception through its deferent ages, theatre practice has been highly identified with its enormous contributions to the sustainable development  of a given country or nation though not readily acknowledged by some, perhaps due to their bias perception of the arts in favour of the sciences and  engineering. This research endeavour on ”Subverting Economic Recession in Nigeria Through Sterling Design in Theatre Practice” is aimed at bringing to  the limelight the need for the wealthy citizens, the private sector as well as the government of Nigeria to get involved in the sponsorship of theatrical  activities in furtherance of sterling design in theatre practice. This would in turn enhance audience patronage thereby invigorating the Gross Domestic  Product (GDP) as well as the Gross National Product (GNP) of Nigeria to the extent of subverting economic recession in the country. In doing justice to  this topic, both the primary and the secondary sources of data collection were utilized. At the end, the conclusion that economic recession in Nigeria  could be subverted through sterling design in theatre practice in furtherance of improved standard of performance and by extension improved audience  patronage as well as improved gross domestic product was arrived at. Sequel to the above postulation, this research recommends that there should be  joint sponsorship of theatre activities between the private sector, the wealthy citizens and the government in Nigeria. 

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