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Determination of a normogram for testicular volume measured by ultrasonography in a normal population boys in Abuja

Hadijat O. Kolade-Yunusa
Ukamaka D. Itanyi
Chiedozie J. Achonwa


Background: Reference values are necessary in clinical practice in order to correctly evaluate testicular volume and detect disorders.

Aim: To determine the normogram for testicular volume measured by ultrasound in normal boys aged 1-18years.

Methodology: This was a cross sectional prospective study conducted over a period of twelve months on 400 normal boys aged 1-18years who were attending outpatient care at paediatric department of University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Abuja. Those who met the inclusion criteria had a testicular scan in the department of radiology. Both testes were scanned using a high resolution 7.5 MHz linear transducer. The length, width, depth were determined and the testicular volume was calculated using the empiric formula of Lambert: length x width x height x 0.71. Ethical clearance was obtained from University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Research and Ethical Committee.

Results: The mean age, height, weight, and Body Mass Index (BMI) were 6.96±4.67years, 1.18±0.29m, 24.79±14.76kg and 15.82±2.63kg/m2. The mean testicular volume in the study population was 1.93±3.31ml. The right and left mean testicular volume were 2.27±+3.66ml and 2.23±3.61ml, respectively. Testicular volume correlated positively with age, height weight and BMI.

Conclusion: Normative values of testicular volume in boy’s age 1-18years using ultrasound have been established. Age, weight and BMI have a significant effect on testicular volume.

Keywords: Age, Androgen, Body mass index, Height, Length, Testicle, Weight

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