Tetanus Complicating Typhoid Ileal Perforation: A Case Report

  • JC Eze Department Of Surgery, University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Enugu
Keywords: Tetanus, Typhoid ileal perforation, Complication, Faecal contamination


Objective: Both tetanus and typhoid ileitis are endemic in poor developing nations.

This presentation aims at contributing to the list of complications of typhoid intestinal perforation.

Case Report: A 30-year old male had acute abdomen. Exploratory laparotomy revealed typhoid perforation with faecal contamination of the peritoneal cavity. Post operatively, patient initially improved until the 10th day when he developed tetanus. This resulted in his death 3 days after the onset of spasms.

Conclusion: Faecal contamination of the peritoneal cavity is a potential cause of tetanus.

The patient was neither immunized nor given adequate and appropriate antibiotics to which Clostridium tetani is sensitive. Ignorance and poverty contributed significantly to this mortality. Tetanus prophylaxis should be a routine component of the management of typhoid intestinal perforation.

Key Words: Tetanus, Typhoid ileal perforation, Complication, Faecal contamination

Orient Journal of Medicine Vol.16(1) 2004: 8-10

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eISSN: 1115-0521