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Model Stature Estimation formula for Adult Male Nigerians based on Metacarpal Bone Length

B Didia
B N Jaja
S N Utchay


Stature prediction formulas provide a method of preliminary identification of dead individuals from their skeletal remains. No such formula has been reported for indigenous Nigerian populations.

Materials and Method:
Twenty-five adult male cadavers with Nigerian identities were used to evaluate the relationship between stature and the length of the second and third metacarpal bones of both hands. Measurement of crown-heel length of each of the 25 cadavers in supine position was made and recorded in centimetres to the nearest 0.5cm as stature. Stature was adjusted for cadaver length by subtracting 2cm from each cadaver length. The second and third metacarpal bones were harvested from both hands of each cadaver. The midline length of each metacarpal bone was measured with a Helios dial calliper and recorded to the nearest tenth of a millimetre. Correlation and regression analysis were applied to determine the relationships.

Best association was noted with the right third metacarpal bone length (r2 = 0.502 P>0.001) and the equation that best predicted stature was a quadratic equation based on the length of this bone.

A model stature prediction formula is hereby presented for validation in indigenous adult male Nigerians. This formula would be very useful in forensic research.

Keywords: Forensic Sciences, Archaeology, Stature, Metacarpal Bone, Cadavers

Orient Journal of Medicine Vol. 19 (1-4) 2007: pp. 1-4

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eISSN: 3027-2890
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