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The effectiveness of Doppler controlled hemorrhoidal artery ligation based on preliminaries results

R Yamou, G Attolou, N Njoumi, S Alkandry, MEH Tahiri


In this work, we discuss the preliminary results of the effectiveness of the hemorrhoidal artery ligation under control Doppler as a new technique for the treatment of hemorrhoids. We report the results of patients with hemorrhoids we have followed over a period of one year who were treated with HAL Doppler. The intra-and postoperative complications were monitored. Patient follow-up was established on the immediate postoperative period, after one month, six months and one year of evolution. Monitoring parameters were both objective (prolapse) and subjective (pain, discomfort, bleeding, satisfaction). 120 patients, all stages combined, were treated with HAL Doppler. The pain is easily controlled with painkillers. Residual rectal bleeding was noted in 3% of the cases. In addition, there was one case of recurrent prolapse which underwent reoperation. After one month, 86,5 % patients were satisfied. The hemorrhoidal artery ligation under control Doppler is an easy technique, well accepted by patients who are increasingly demanding it. It is less invasive, less painful and gives fewer complications. It is not only effective for stage III and IV hemorrhoids for which the effect is spectacular but also for stages I and II symptoms, which can expand its indications.

Key words: Symptomatic hemorrhoids, Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation, Doppler, mucopexy.
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