Synchronous malignant renal mass in patient with a Lung cancer: case report and literature review

  • A Mazouz
  • L Amaadour
  • I souaf
  • H El Fatemi
  • A Amarti
  • MA Erraisse
  • T Bouhafa
  • Y Tahiri
  • MF Tazi
  • S Mellas
  • S Arifi
  • N Mellas


The finding on imaging (computed tomography scan or magnetic  resonance imaging) of synchronous malignant renal mass in patient with an active nonrenal malignancy without renal specific symptoms is not frequent and diagnostic evaluation can be challenging. We describe a 54-yearold Moroccan male former chronic smoker who presented to our hospital with dry cough and impairment of the performance status. The imaging found a tumor mass in the left upper lobe of the lung associated to mediastinal lymph node and a scanno-guided biopsy of this tumor showed a non small cell lung cancer. The radiological staging revealed a solitary renal mass in the right kidney. The patient received firstly two cycles of a lung cancer chemotherapy with a partial response in the lung and a stability of the renal mass. Consequently, he underwent a scanno-guided biopsy of this mass which confirmed a synchronous clear cell renal carcinoma. The patient got chemo radiotherapy for the lung cancer and then after that he got a partial nephrectomy. He is still under a good  control with more than 2 years after the initial diagnosis.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1937-8688