Hoffa’s fat pad tumours like: Results of the arthroscopic resection

  • A Mechchat
  • H Abid
  • H Nassreddine
  • S Bensaad
  • E Mohammed
  • S Mohammed
  • E Abdelhalim
  • E Abdelmajid
Keywords: Knee, Hoffa fat pad, tumours like, excision, arthroscopy


we performed a retrospective cohort study to increase awareness in  orthopaedic community of this rare but interesting disease which is often
misdiagnosed as meniscal pathology and to analyze present results of arthroscopic resection in seven patients. we retrospectively reviewed records
from 2008-2012 and identified 7 patients with symptomatic Hoffa's fat pad impingement. The diagnosis was made by clinical exam, MRI imaging and verified arthroscopically. Of the 7 patients 2 were excluded due to receiving open resection. The remaining five underwent arthroscopic resection. Lysholm and American knee society scores were obtained pre and post operative and at final follow up. There was a significant improvement in their symptoms and function after the surgery at an average follow-up of 14 months. The one poor result was because of paresthesia over the distribution of the infrapatellar branch of the saphenous nerve after open resection. tumours like of the fat pad should be treated by arthroscopic resection because of less residual pain and less complication was found using arthroscopy. In case of high volume of tumours only open excision can provide complete excision.

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eISSN: 1937-8688