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Congenital giant epulis obstructing oral cavity: newborn emergency

Komla Gnassingbe, Komlan A Mihluedo-Agbolan, Harefetéguéna Bissa, Koffi Amegbor, Nguefack Blanchard Noumedem, Pilakimwe Egbohou, Wakatou Mama, Gamedzi K Akakpo-Numado, Hubert Tekou


The congenital epulis is a benign congenital granular cell tumor arising most often of the alveolar ridge of the jawbone. When giant, it is source of digestive discomfort disabling feeding. We report the case of a newborn female, vaginal delivery, presented with a giant intraoral tumor. Tumor obstructing the mouth of the newborn and prevent the attachment and feeding. The treatment consisted of excision of the tumor under general anesthesia. The histology of the tumor was revealed that it was an epulis.

Key words: Congenital epulis, newborn, oral cavity, Togo
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